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About Sweet Subies

Sweet Subies was created in 2015 on Instagram to connect Subaru enthusiasts all around the world. The goal was to bring people together that share their love for the Subaru brand to help create lifelong friendships with others in the Subaru community. 

Sweet Subies posts Subaru builds daily on Instagram. They also give daily shoutouts, host competitions, and have a yearly award show giving praise to the best Subie builds on the 'Gram.

Sweet Subies was meant to be different than the other Subaru fan pages. Some big pages only feature the "popular" Subarus or the Subie influencers of the brand. Not Sweet Subies.  Every Subaru build can be featured once a month on the page's story no matter how much money or modifications are put into the car. Every build starts somewhere. No Subie owner left behind.

Love. It's what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

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